Industry solutions

Kaltband AG strip steel is used in a wide variety of sectors

Parked car


We supply the automotive sector indirectly with cold-rolled steel strip, used for timing chains, clutch plates, various stamped parts and the like.

Surgical instruments


Cold-rolled steel strip is used in the surgical instruments sector for scalpel blades and scissors, thanks to its unique surface properties. Stamped, formed parts are also made from steel strip and used for blood lancets or allergy lancets.

Man with chainsaw

Saw blades

Kaltband AG supplies manufacturers of all kinds of saw blade. The properties of strip steel material are ideal for the manufacture of band saws, chainsaws, jigsaws, reciprocating saws and bi-metal saws owing to its highly durable qualities and ability to stay sharp.

Various cutting tools

Cutting tools

Steel strip is an essential component of cutting tools – whether in domestic or industrial applications. Cold-rolled steel has established itself as a high-quality, durable product material thanks to its hardwearing properties and good resistance against corrosion.

White cabinet


Cold-rolled steel strip is also used in the furniture business. We supply manufacturers in this sector who use it for furniture hinges renowned for their long service life.

Chrome-plated engine


Both punching and fineblanking are elementary stages in industrial series production. Our steel strip means our customers can operate efficiently, thanks to high-precision materials with exceptional mechanical properties.

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