Tempered steel products

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Exceptional high strength

Compared to our standard cold-rolled steel strip, tempered steel products go through additional process steps. Once the steel strip has been cold-rolled, the strips are additionally tempered and milled, to make it even tougher. It can be cut to customer size as required.

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Grades and finishes at a glance

We stock the following grades as standard:

CK 67 – CK 101, 67 Si Cr 5, 125 Cr 1, 102 Cr 6,
75 Ni 8, 51 Cr V 4, S8 Cr V 4

For other grades, please contact us: besides standard steel strip, we also supply custom grades for individual requirements.

The following finishes are available

Our tempered products can come in wide variety of surface finishes. These include brightly polished, brightly annealed, blue-polished, gold-polished or oven-blue (grey-blue) versions.

Our experts are on-hand for advice on tempered products from Kaltband AG.

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