Cold-rolled steel strip

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Kaltband AG is synonymous with cold-rolled steel strip

Steel strip is used in a variety of applications, owing to the excellent quality of its surface finish. These include textile needles, clutch plates, fine blanking parts, furniture hinges, chains used in industry, timing chains and stamped/formed parts. But processed cold-rolled steel strip is also ideal for manufacturing saw blades. Cold-rolled steel strip from Reinach turns up in scalpel blades, bandsaws, chainsaws, jigsaws, reciprocating saws and bimetal saws.

Its high-quality surface finish and dimensional accuracy but also its excellent cold forming properties, make cold-rolled steel strip a real winner.

Grades and dimension ranges

Quality in all aspects

We supply the following grades:

DC 01 to 04 (ST 2 to ST 4)
Hardness grades: LC to C 690
RFE 60, RFE 80

Case-hardened steel

Ck 10, Ck 15, 15 Cr 1, 15 Cr 3,
16 Mn Cr 5 and similar

Quenched and tempered and spring steels as well as quality and stainless steel strip:

CK35-CK101, 51/58 Cr V 4
42 Cr Mo 4, 50 Cr Mo 4, 125 Cr 1/2, 125 Cr1 pin point
67 Si Cr 5, 75 Ni8, 75 Cr 1
D6A 1% / 3% / 4%, X32 Cr Mo V4-1, AISI 6150 MO

Ball bearing steel

102 Cr 6

Steel strip comes in the following dimension ranges:

Thickness: 0.2 – 7.0 mm
Ring weight: up to 18 kg/mm of strip width
Widths: 6.0 – 620 mm
straight strips: 1,500 – 4,000 mm long
hardened steel strip: sheets from 700 mm – 2,500 mm

The right dimension ranges and thickness tolerances for your steel strip

We would be delighted to assist you finding the right dimensions.

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