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Exceptionally hard-wearing

Our bimetal strips lend themselves particularly well for use as an intermediate product in the manufacture of saw blades. Bimetal strips are used for a wide variety of applications owing to their hard-wearing properties, mainly for hole saws, jigsaws, pneumatic saws, reciprocating saws, machine saws and bandsaws. Bimetal bandsaw blades, and bimetal saw blades in general, achieve excellent cutting performance and guarantee long service life.

Cut to size

Do you need a non-standard size? Please feel free to contact us. Backing and cutting edge strip dimensions can also be adapted to suit individual customer requirements.

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Grades, widths and thicknesses at a glance

Our standard material grades are as follows:

AISI 6150
AISI 6150 Mo
X46 Cr Mo V 4 10 (AISI D6A)
D6A 3% Cr
X32 Cr Mo V4-1

We stock the following grades of high-speed steel:

M2 (HS 6-5-2)
M3 T1 (HS 6-6-2)
M35 (HS 6-5-2-5)
Matrix II (HS 1-5-1-8)
M 42 (HS 2-9-1-8)
M 51 / ASP 2051 (HS 10-4-3-10)

The following grade combinations are among the most popular:

AISI 6150 / M2
AISI 6150 / Matrix II
D6A / Matrix II
D6A / M42
D6A 3% Cr / M42
D6A 3% Cr / M51 (or ASP 2051)
X32 CrMoV4-1 / M42
X32 CrMoV4-1 / M51 (or ASP 2051)

Widths and thicknesses

Our bimetal strip ranges from 8.0mm to 83.0 mm wide and from 0.5 – 2.5 mm thick.

Looking for high-performance bimetal strip? We can help.

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