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Cold-rolled steel strip for your quality products

Kaltband AG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cold-rolled steel strip and supplies quality solutions for a variety of applications. We use cold rolling to process steel strip into sophisticated flat sheet products. Cold-rolled steel strip has a high degree of stability and functionality and is used to manufacture high-accuracy precision parts.

From raw material to steel strip

Our cold-rolled steel strip goes through a continuous forming process, to reduce the cross-section by up to 80% compared to unprocessed steel. Running through the rollers at high speeds and temperatures reduces the thickness of the material through recrystallisation.

In order to achieve the best possible material properties, staff check the material quality at every stage throughout the entire manufacturing process. The typical cold-rolling process is as follows: depending on the raw material, this is first split. This is followed by pre-rolling and annealing with subsequent re-rolling. In the next step, the part-finished product is cut and the edges potentially processed. Following quality and safety inspection, the hardened products are packed and weighed and ready for further processing by our customers.

Flexible edge strip formats

Depending on the ultimate application and desired material properties, edges are processed in different ways. Common versions include cut, right-angled, rounded or bevelled edges.

Our innovation

Customer-focused products

Cold-rolled steel strip

From case-hardened steels to quenched and tempered and spring steels, to quality and stainless steel strips – cold-rolled steel strips is a real winner. Thanks to the high-quality surface finish and dimensional accuracy, these are indispensable when manufacturing any kind of saw blade.

Bimetal strips

Bimetal strips feature extremely hard-wearing cutting edge strips. Typical applications include hole saws, jigsaws, reciprocating saws, machine saws and bandsaws.

Tempered steel products

We supply tempered products tailored to your individual requirements. These are available in brightly polished, bright annealed, blue polished, gold polished or oven blue finishes.

Looking for cold-rolled products? We are the experts.

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