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Kaltband AG is a family-run business to which now the second generation are now devoting their heart and soul. We keep in close contact with our customers and suppliers. Market-based pricing and customer-oriented service are our watchwords. Founded in 1966, the company has been ISO certified since 1994. Our products are all subject to strict quality management.

Kaltband AG has firmly established itself on the world market as a leading manufacturer of cold-rolled products meeting the most stringent customer demands. Our many years of experience in steel processing means we can supply high-quality products meeting individual customer requirements.

Our products

Kaltband supplies
cold-rolled products cut to size

Cold-rolled steel strip

High-quality surface finish and dimensional accuracy make our top-quality cold-rolled steel strip the best choice for a wide variety of applications.

Hardened and tempered steel strip

We supply various hardened and tempered products in bright, bright annealed, blue polished, gold polished or oven blue finishes.

Bimetal strips

Thanks to their highly wear-resistant cutting edge strip, bimetal strips are flat sheet products indispensable when manufacturing any kind of saw blade.

Cold-rolled steel strip for the toughest demands

What we do

Sectors we work with

Parked car

Automotive sector

We supply the automotive sector indirectly with cold-rolled steel strip, used for timing chains, clutch plates, various stamped parts and the like.

Surgical instruments

Surgical instruments sector

Cold-rolled steel strip is used in the surgical instruments sector for scalpel blades and scissors, thanks to its unique surface properties.

Man with chainsaw

Saw blade manufacture

Kaltband AG supplies manufacturers of band saws, chainsaws, reciprocating saws, circular saws, jigsaws and bi-metal saws with steel strip for the most demanding applications.

Italian distributor

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